League Bowling

Castle Lanes is the low price leader when it comes to being involved in America's #1 participation sport. Bowling in a Castle Lanes league rewards you with great memories and offers you and your family one of the best entertainment experiences in the country.

The Castle League Touch:

  • Low Price
  • Lavish Atmospher
  • Unlimited coffee for day leagues
  • Free Racine Kringle for day leagues

  • First teams to finish bowling get free round of drinks

  • Win free drinks for string of strikes or pins over average

  • Free 1st place trophies for every league

  • $100 awarded to bowler for every 300 and 800 series

  • Free league keeping service

  • 5 minute delay due to machine malfunctions

(Bowlers receive money back)

 Exclusive Club Membership

Club membership includes:

  Guaranteed low practice rate for you and four guests $2 per game

  Priority placement on any waiting list (move to the front of the line)

  Free hour of bowling on your birthday for you and four guests

  Free use of our meeting room for your personal events ($150 value)

  NEW!!! 3 & 4 HOUR Unlimited games Practice Rate for members
           (Only $5.95 Junior program and seniors ages 50+)

      (Only $6.95 Adults)

            Sundays 10am till 1pm

            Mon thru Fri 10am till 2pm

                       Does not include Sat or Holidays.